Women’s Interfaith Dialogue Group

Catholic / Muslim Women’s Interfaith Dialogue Group


On March 19th, 1998, fourteen women of different faiths, ages, and nationalities came together as a group to learn about one anotherʼs faith and customs. They soon learned how very similar they were to one another and quickly realized the many universal bonds they shared: their beliefs in faith, family and community. Thus the women from the Mosque foundation and St. Fabianʼs Catholic Church formed the Catholic / Muslim Womenʼs Interfaith Dialogue Group. The first Annual Interfaith dinner was held at St. Fabianʼs in 2002. The dialogue group continues to meet on the second Tuesday of the month. We participate in serving the needy through the PADs shelter twice a year and attend dinner at neighborhood restaurants in order to show our community that we are indeed friends. We hope to show others that by seeing each other as individuals as well as Godʼs children, that it is possible to build bridges between faiths. We have become great friends and sisters throughout our journey together and hope that through our example of love and friendship, we can encourage others to build those same bridges with different faiths throughout their communities. We are committed to spreading the message of friendship, love and peace.