Religious Education

School of Religious Education
7450 W. 83rd. Street
Bridgeview, Illinois
PHONE: 708.458.6150
FAX: 708.458.2698

Coordinator, Cindy Schlesser

OFFICE HOURS September thru April (May Thru August by Appointment)
Monday – Wednesday from 9:00am to 2:00pm (also Wednesday evening 6:45pm to 8:15pm)
Saturdays when class in session from 8:45am to 10:45am (evening hours and special hours are announced through mailings, bulletin, and pulpit)
Summer Hours – May through August – by appointment

Class Times Saturday

Session “A”
Grades 1-7 8:45am – 10:45am

Session “B”
Grades 1-7 8:45am – 10:45am
RCIC 8:45am – 10:45am

8th Grade/Confirmation Program
Wednesday’s 7:00-8:15pm

Tuition & Fees
Tuition and fees are subject to change each year but will not be changed during the school term.
Regular tuition for 2020-2021 registrations
1 Child…$240
2 Children…$330
3 or more Children…$410

$10 discount for full payment at registration. Paying your tuition in full saves us time and money, and we are happy to pass that savings on to you.

A late fee of $50 will be charged after August 1st.

First Reconciliation / Eucharist $75.00
Confirmation $75.00
***6th Grade Bible $10.00
***All 6th Grade students will be required to purchase a Bible for use in class. The Parish will pay half the cost ($10) and families will be responsible for the other half ($10).

Families with children in our Religious Education MUST be registered parishioners.
A material fee to cover the extra costs of First Communion/Reconciliation and Confirmation is charged in the 2nd grade and in 8th grade. The fee is $75.00 per child for children in these Sacramental programs. All families are expected to pay this fee.
Children who are in grade levels preparing to receive a sacrament will be given a special extra sacrament study book that is theirs to keep. Children in grades 1-8 receive work bulletins each class. Parents can review this material with their children and encourage the children’s interest. Parents are welcome at any time to ask about the text material or examine them.
If tuition is not possible to pay the whole tuition at registration, a non-refundable deposit of half is required, with the balance due by the end of August.
Tuition must be paid before classes begin in September.
No Child will be denied a religious education because of financial hardship but arrangements must be made with Rev. Grzegorz Warmuz, Pastor prior to registration. Tuition payments may also be arranged when necessary.

The goal of all catecheses/religious education is to “make a person’s faith become living, conscious, and active through the light of instruction.” (National Catechetical Directory, #32, U.S.C.C.) The religious education program of St. Fabian Parish strives to assist parents in guiding their children toward a mature faith and in preparing their children to receive the sacraments.

Parent Involvement:
“Parents are the first and foremost catechists of their children. They catechize informally but powerfully by example and instruction.” (N.C.D., #212)
St. Fabian shall recognize the rights and responsibilities of parents as the primary religious educators of their children. Therefore, we ask the Catholic parent(s) of each child to enter into a covenant agreement with the parish which spells out the rights and duties of both parties. This covenant is signed before a family enrolls their child in the parish religious education program.
As the “first catechists” of their children, parents, themselves, must stay current in the faith. Therefore, St. Fabian will offer on a regular basis, talks, presentations, workshops, etc. to help parents update and deepen their faith. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Participation of Students
It is expected that students will faithfully attend each grade level (grades 1-8) as part of their religious formation. If, for a serious reason a child is not able to participate in religious education program, parents should make arrangements with the director for home schooling.
A child must attend the program two years before receiving a sacrament, e.g., First Communion, Reconciliation or Confirmation.
During Sacramental years, we ask special cooperation and extra participation of the parents. We will ask you to attend a parent meeting and special programs with your child. Aware of your other obligations, we request your presence only when we feel it is very important.
Classes in the St. Fabian Religious Education Program will be taught in conformity with the teachings of the Church as presented in the General Catechetical Directory, in Sharing the Light of Faith, the National Catechetical Directory of the United States, and in accordance with the policies and guidelines for Religious Education Programs within the Archdiocese of Chicago.
Excessive Absences or chronic tardiness will be reported to the parents by phone or mail. More than two absences in a year will be considered excessive and can be excused only for serious illness or severe family problems. Children can be excused from class for a good reason, but written excuses are required. Children must report to the office for early dismissal.

Early Dismissal
When a child is dismissed from class early, a note must be sent to the office and an adult must come into the office to pick up the child. Children are not permitted to leave the school unescorted. We ask that you request early dismissal for important situations only.

Progress Reports
The parents will receive from the Catechist, during the year, an evaluation of the child’s participation in the program. This report will also outline the work we have presented and the doctrine we are teaching. We hope this will keep us, catechists and parents in better touch with each other.

Is assigned with the Family time sheet. Your cooperation will help him/her understand the lesson and material involved.

Family Folder
When your child brings a folder home, please examine the contents. They are meant for you. The child should always bring the folder back to the next class.

St. Fabian School of Religion admits students of any sex, race, color or national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities made available to students in this religious education program.
In the admission of students to the religious education programs in the Archdioceses of Chicago, the order of priority shall ordinarily be as follows:
1. Children of parishioners
a. Children from families with children already enrolled
b. Children now reaching school age
c. Children from families newly moved into the parish
2. Children of non-parishioners*
a. Children from families already enrolled
b. Children now reaching school age
c. Other children seeking to enroll
Families registering late and families from outside our parish may need to be placed on a waiting list because of lack of space.
*Non-parishioners families will be asked to produce a note signed by their pastor/DRE stating their reasons for wishing inclusion to the St. Fabian R.E. Program.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Children’s Liturgy of the Word will be celebrated during the 10:00 Sunday Mass once COVID restrictions are lifted. All families with small children are encouraged to be a part of this. It is an excellent way for young children to hear the Gospel proclaimed in words the can understand and appreciate.

Children’s Choir
Contact the Music Ministry Department

Good conduct, cooperation, attention, and courtesy are always expected during class time. Any student, who continually disturbs a class and fails to cooperate with the catechist and other students within a class, will be subject to the following procedures:
1st incident – Catechist will speak privately with the child.
2nd incident – Catechist will contact the parents after informing the DRE and/or Coordinator.
3rd. incident – DRE, Catechist, parents, and student will have a conference about the situation.
If the is no improvement after the conference, in fairness and justice to the catechist and students in the class, the DRE reserves the right to ask the parents to provide an alternate form of religious education outside of regular class.
In the upper grades, we will work out a discipline contract contract with the students. This is a statement worked out by the teacher and the student after they agree on the nature of the problem. The upper grade student (6-7-8) is asked to assume responsibility for his or her own behavior in class. If the difficulty continues, the student may be asked to leave the program.

Responsibility for Safety
From the moment a child leaves home until he or she reaches the parish school and from the moment he or she leaves the parish grounds, the parent or guardian is responsible for the safety of the child.
Children should be dropped off with enough time to arrive promptly in the classroom. Children should be picked up promptly at the end of class. We do not have personnel to supervise the parking lot area, so if a child must on occasion arrive more than 15 minutes early or be picked up a few minutes late, a call must be made to the office so we can arrange to have the child under our supervision.
Please instruct your child not to leave the front of the building if you are going to be delayed. Please tell your child not to accept rides from friends or other relatives without your permission. If you are delayed, you must notify the office if you have delegated someone else to take your child home.
Cars arriving at the church parking lot should enter on the East driveways and exit to the South. This traffic pattern makes the lot safer for the children.
The education building remains locked during class times. Doors will be unlocked no sooner than 5 minutes before the end of class. Parents/Guardians must remain in the front lobby while waiting for the children to be dismissed.
The School of Religion teachers and personnel are not permitted to dispense medicine to any child. Parents may come to school to give medicine to their child if it is essential that they receive it during the hours they are in class. Exceptions can be made only in extraordinary circumstances.
Children are not allowed to wear roller shoes to class and should not arrive for class chewing gum or carrying gum or candy or toys. An exception is when they are bringing a treat for class. Unless your child is bringing a contribution to one of our collections for the poor, it is wise not to permit them to carry large amounts of money.
We serve treats to the children regularly. If your child has an allergy that we should be aware of, please notify us by phone or letter. Tell us what can be offered as a treat.
There is no smoking permitted in the school or in the office.

Parent Access of Information
If parents are divorced or separated, the religious education program presumes that both parents have access to the children’s records unless one parent can provide evidence that he or she has the sole right and sole custody.
Information about the child’s records and attendance will not be discussed with, or sent to, any other relatives or friends without parental permission.

Abused & Neglected Children
Religious Education personnel are required to conform to the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act (P.A. 81-1007)
Copies of the brochure regarding child abuse published by the Department of Children and Family Services have been distributed to all personnel working with children and are available in the Religious Education Office.

Special Note to Parents
The Staff and Teachers of our program are here to help our parish children and their families. We realize the deep faith of the Catholic child is developed at home and that we are with your child only a small portion of time during the school year. In order to make the best use of that time, the teacher spends many hours in preparation for class. In addition the teacher attends workshops, retreats and special courses through the year.
We try to be available to you and you are free to call the office when we can help. Most of our teachers are willing to be contacted at home also.
A telephone answering machine will take your call when we are unable to do so. Information concerning the Religious Education Program frequently appears in the parish bulletin and parish web site. Please contact Cindy Schlesser if you have questions concerning the program to avoid incorrect information.
PLEASE DO NOT call the rectory for information about classes and schedules. The rectory office staff does not have this information. Questions or calls to report absences should be phoned into the CCD office after 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning or during weekly business hours. The CCD OFFICE phone is 458-6150.

Becoming a Catechist
If you would like more information about becoming a catechist, teacher aide, or substitute catechist, please call the Religious Education Office at 458-6150 and speak to the Director. Training and support are provided. The catechists form an active small Christian Community within our parish. Consider it and call us. You can make a difference in the life of some children.

Child Safety Program
As of the fall of 2005, the Archdiocese of Chicago has mandated that all parishes implement a child safety program called, “Child Lures Prevention”. Therefore, we implement this program into one class session for each grade level during the regular RE sessions for grades 1-8 in April of each year.