Religious Education

School of Religious Education
7450 W. 83rd. Street
Bridgeview, Illinois
PHONE: 708.458.6150
FAX: 708.458.2698

Director, Paula Kroll, CRE


Coordinator, Cindy Schlesser

The goal of all catecheses/religious education is to “make a person’s faith become living, conscious, and active through the light of instruction.” (National Catechetical Directory, #32, U.S.C.C.) The religious education program of St. Fabian Parish strives to assist parents in guiding their children toward a mature faith and in preparing their children to receive the sacraments.

Parent Involvement:
“Parents are the first and foremost catechists of their children. They catechize informally but powerfully by example and instruction.” (N.C.D., #212)
St. Fabian shall recognize the rights and responsibilities of parents as the primary religious educators of their children. Therefore, we ask the Catholic parent(s) of each child to enter into a covenant agreement with the parish which spells out the rights and duties of both parties. This covenant is signed before a family enrolls their child in the parish religious education program.
As the “first catechists” of their children, parents, themselves, must stay current in the faith. Therefore, St. Fabian will offer on a regular basis, talks, presentations, workshops, etc. to help parents update and deepen their faith. We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.