Welcome to St. Fabian Catholic Church

Our dear friends,

We wish to take the opportunity to welcome you to the St. Fabian Home Page. We have undertaken this venture so that more and more persons of faith may find a place to call their spiritual “home.” We hope it will be such for you. St. Fabian Parish was established in 1967 and endeavors to be a Parish living within the parameters established by Vatican II.

St. Fabian was a lay person and a stranger to Church life. Legend has it that in 236 AD, he was elected pope when a dove alighted on his shoulder. It was taken as a sign of selection by the Spirit. He was Pope for 15 years and was a goad in the side of the Emperor Decius. He was martyred in 250 AD. A stone slab can still be found in the Cemetery of St. Calixtus that he helped rebuild and beautify.

We are located in Bridgeview, Illinois, a southwest suburb of Chicago. A popular motto for the Parish is “WE WELCOME ALL!” We do our best to live up to those words by being a people of faith who reach out to others inclusively embracing every age, race, gender, lifestyle, ethnic background, and religious heritage. We welcome our non-Christian sisters and brothers as well. Enjoy your visit to our Homepage.

St. Fabian Catholic Community