Elizabeth Ministry is an outreach to women in special times of motherhood. It is based on Jesus' vision of the radical goodness, beauty, and truth of human life. The purpose of this ministry is to affirm, support, encourage, and assist women in response to their needs during the childbearing years.

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Why is it Needed?
In the past, the presence, intimacy, and support needed during childbearing years were found in the structures of family, neighborhood, and church. Today these structures are undergoing rapid change. Neighborhoods are fragmented, leaving many families isolated. Churches have increased in size, making it difficult to create a warm, hospitable, personal, and loving environment. Mobility has caused many extended families to be separated by miles, making frequent visits improbable and presence impossible. The wisdom of sharing stories of about the joys and trials of childbirth is still needed. Reassurance and advice, usually given by the extended family, often now need to come from another source. The search to fill this need has resulted in Elizabeth Ministry. By sharing their stories and experiences, women serve one another in an atmosphere of faith, love, and hope.

How Does it Work?
Elizabeth Ministry follows the example of the of the Visitation by bringing women who share a similar story. This ministry provides an opportunity for like-to-like ministry through personal visits. An Elizabeth Minister will be a link with the broader parish community. Elizabeth Ministry offers support, resources, prayers, and understanding during the joys and sorrows of the childbearing years. The Elizabeth Minister presents the person she is visiting a special Gift and Resource Kit. These visits may take place in homes, at the hospital, or in the parish. Follow-up contacts are made in person, by phone, or by mail. This outreach fosters a companionship based on personal experience, formal knowledge, the acquired skills of the participants, and the mutual love of God. Women become mentors for one another in the magnificent adventure of bringing new life into the world. The sharing of life experiences brings a caring commitment and a sense of connectedness. Each Elizabeth Minister represents the parish community. She becomes an instrument of its care, support, and resources to women and their families during their childbearing years.

What are the Benefits?
Elizabeth Ministry will: Give reassurance and encouragement to women who are pregnant or are caring for a newborn. Offer support to women dealing with infertility or a childless lifestyle. Reach out to women who experience a miscarriage or infant or child death. Celebrate birth with parents and families. Respond at times of infant and child crisis. Assist parents involved in the adoptive process. Offer support and encouragement to grandparents during their child's childbearing years. Empower women to relate to each other in a spirit of inclusiveness and sisterhood. Welcome young families into the parish community.

Areas of Involvement

General Pregnancy
First-Time Pregnancy
Subsequent Pregnancy
Large Family
Pregnancy Later in Life
Pregnancy after Miscarriage or Infant Death

Pregnancy Complications
Bed Rest
High-Risk Pregnancy
Prenatal Testing Concerns
Fetal Abnormality Issues

Celebration of Birth
General Birth
First-Time Birth
Subsequent Birth
Large Family
Raising Child
Choosing Adoption
Special Birth Outcomes
Multiple Births
Delivery Complications
Postpartum Depression

Grandparents Support
General Nurturing as Grandparent
First-Time Grandparents
Grandchild Joined Family by Adoption
Long-Distance Grandparenting
Grieving Grandparent
Grandparent Facing Obstacles
Rejected Grandparent
Grandparent raising Grandchild
Grandparenting Unwed Child's Baby
Unwed Child is a Teenager
Unwed Child is an Adult
Grandchild Placed for Adoption
Grandchild Aborted

Prayer Support
Prayer Partner
Prayer Network
Blessing Rituals
Memorial Services
Miscarriage & Infant or Child Death
Infant or Child Death
Multiple Birth Loss

Fertility and Infertility
Waiting to Conceive
Without Known Infertility
With Known Infertility
Accepting Inability to Conceive
Accepting a Childless Life
Fertility Transformations
Onset of Menses

Considering Adoption
Waiting to Adopt
Adoption Loss
Celebration of Adoption
Birth Mother

Infant or Child Crisis
Premature Birth
Intensive Care Nursery
Special Needs
Child Illness

Family Support
Child Care

Gift & Resource Kits
Women &/or Men
Moms &/or Dads
Married or Single
Grandmothers &/or Grandfathers